Step 1 - Clean It

Remember to Prep the Surface
  • Pour 1-part denatured alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) and 1-part water into a spray bottle or bowl.  Wipe surface down with mixture.
  • Lightly scuff up any glossy or smooth surfaces to give them tooth.

Step 2 - Prime It

Apply a coat of Wood'n Primer
      One coat is all you need. Even if the original finish still shows through, one thin coat is all you will need.


Step 3 - Grain It

Grain a thin coat of

If you want a smooth finish you can skip this step. Your brush strokes will make a subtle grain.

  • Apply a thin coat of Wood'n Stain in plank size sections
  • Pull the graining tool through each section while coat is still wet
  • If you don't like the grain, apply another coat of Wood'n Stain over that section and grain it again


Step 4 - Paint It

Apply 1 coat of Wood'n Stain over the grain

Choose Your Finish
1 Coat
2 Coats
3 Coats
Each coat of Wood'n Stain will give you a deeper finish