FAQ: What brand of stain works best on liquid wood?

FAQ: What brand of stain works best on liquid wood?

A: Most wood stains work well on liquid wood as long as they are not "Penetrating" Stains like MinWax® Penetrating Stain. Some are much easier to use than others. Here is a list in order of ease of use: 

Best Choice
We have found Varathane® Premium Fast Dry stain to be the easiest and cheapest wood stain brand to work with.  With an absorption time of 1 to 3 minutes it really takes the guess work out of how long you want to leave it on before pulling it off. (Varathane® can be found at The Home Depot or in any of our kits)

NOTE: Make sure it is the white can not black or yellow can of Varathane and the black and the yellow cans are penetrating stains like MinWax®

General Finishes 1-pt. Java Oil-Based Interior Wood Gel Stain, Browns/Tans

Any Gel Stain

Gel Stains are as easy to use as Varathane® but they are more expensive usually over twice as much. We have not found a Gel stain that gives better results than Varathane®

We do not recommend
Any Penetrating Stain such as MinWax® wood stain products Penetrating Stains require a thicker wood surface to work properly.