Soooo Easy!!! It's All-In-One Heaven...

This transformation was soooo easy!

Only 3 products are required for this transformation

Ultratique All-In-One Paint in Dove Grey (Shop Now)

Waterbased Silver leaf Retique It Royal Collection (Shop Now)

Wood'n Stain in Black Walnut (Shop Now)


Optional products used

Tripletique Waterbased Epoxy Alternative (Shop Now) for extra protection on the top.

Black Walnut Glaze & Stain (Shop Now) to age the hardware.


Directions (Not Color Specific)

1. Clean your project with Denatured Alcohol
2. Apply 1 coats of Ultratique on the entire project
3. Apply 1 coat of Ultratique over the hardware
3. Apply a second coat of Ultratique over all areas that won't be covered with Wood'n Stain
4. Apply 1-2 coats of Wood'n Stain over the top
5. Apply 1-2 coats of Wood'n Stain over the drawers
6. Apply a Royal Collection Metallic over your hardware
7. Apply Tripletique over the top for extra durability
8. Apply Black Walnut Stain & Glaze over the hardware to age the hardware


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